Monthly Archives: July 2010

Words of Fury, With Mad Adam

Mad Adam’s back! And he’s so angry he might have just killed that guy over there.


…just call me John

Wait, wait, wait… what’s his name? You’re kidding right? Maybe, but if you click this right here, you’ll know for sure.

Into the Out of the Ordinary

WTF is Sepak Takraw? Wouldn’t you like to know…


Undercover brother from another mother? Well, not exactly, but undercover at least! And provocative!

The Honcho Awards, July 26th, 2010

The Honcho Awards! This time, with allspice!

Civil Discussion #3

Civil Discussion? Sort of. Meet Bad Andy, a vile excuse for a man.

(Not So) Secret Agent Man

Ed Honcho: Super Agent.

Words of Fury, With Mad Adam

A brother in indignation hangs up his fire. Luckily for Mad Adam, 70,006 more are born every day.


Seeing into the future? Child’s play for Ed Honcho.

The Honcho Awards, July 19th, 2010

Who is Bad Andy? Should you care? Of course you should.