Monthly Archives: September 2010

Superpowers; Invisibility vs. Super Strength

Underachievers are all the rage, but we like our overachievers at… since 2009!


Words of Fury, With Mad Adam

Mad Adam at a football game, the kind with bollocks…

The Hall of Champions

Who deserves your respect? Besides Ed Honcho, Honcho Award winners, of course. Here they are…

The Honcho Awards, Sep. 27th, 2010

The Honcho Awards fixed? Nah…

Frequently Given Answers, Sep. 24th, 2010

Possibly answering your questions, one veiled insult at a time.

The Good Problem

The “good problem”… oxymoron, or just plain moronic.

Doing the Conference Shuffle

More Superconferences? Yes. Yes indeed.

The Honcho Awards, Sep. 20th, 2010 (Continued…)

A belated Honcho Awards… better late than anything else in the world on time.

The Honcho Awards, Sep. 20th, 2010

To be continued…

Where Are They Now? (Big 12 Football Edition, Part 1)

Ed Honcho looking back? Only momentarily. Only momentarily.