Words of Fury, With Mad Adam

But there’s always the Lakers…

Putting the Mad in March Madness

Spoiler alert.  I am pissed off.

March is traditionally one of my favorite months of the year.  That’s because I love college basketball.  To be more precise, I love Oklahoma Sooner basketball.

That’s right, in a state obsessed with football, I found it in my heart to love basketball first.  I moved to Sooner Land in 1988.  The very first basketball game I attended was to watch the game where Billy Tubbs did this:

That’s right, Billy got tossed for using the microphone to air his grievances with the terrible officiating after he was asked by the refs to use the PA system to kindly request the audience to stop hurling ice and other objects on the floor in protest of the pieces of shit in stripes that night.  The place went fucking bananas afterwards, and OU went on a tear and won the game in OT.  I was officially in love.

From Billy to Kelvin to the Poster Child himself, Blake Griffin, I have been treated to over two decades of hoops fun since then.

And then the music died.  After about a quarter of a century of postseason tournament appearances (almost all in the NCAA tourney), a couple of Final Fours, a bunch of conference championships, loads of All-Americans and a No. 1 NBA pick, OU has fallen on hard times.

Two straight years out of the Big Dance have left me disenchanted.  Other than attending a smattering of OU home games (found in the dictionary under “glutton for punishment“), I basically did not watch any college hoops this year.

Thus, I am vaguely aware that there is some Opie looking guy named Jimmer (for real, Jimmer?) who is real good, and I know that fucking Duke is of course still near the top of the heap.  But, I am otherwise completely disconnected from it all.  I have watched about 37 seconds of the tournament so far.  It made me want to punch a hole in my television.

So, fuck you Bulldogs, Wildcats, Cougars, Gators, Jayhawks, Buckeyes, Golden Eagles (still the Warriors to me), Seminoles, Spiders, Aztecs, Wildcats (again), Huskies, Blue Devils, Tar Heels, Badgers and the Cinderella Rams.  I just don’t give a shit this year.  Which of course means that I am kicking ass in my bracket pools.  Go figure.


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