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I Like My Mistakes Rare

Playoff football… just don’t screw it up!



Oh great football gods, please accept these playofferings from your humble servant, Ed Honcho!

Mach Draft, Final Version

Ed Honcho’s Mach Draft… faster and more streamlined…

The Nickname Draft

Immortals and referendums and ironsides, oh my!

Day Trading at Night

Proposed rip-offs… let’s do it!

Mach Draft 2.0

Mach Draft, Honcho-Style!

Bowl of Super

How’s the Super Bowl going to play out? Only Ed Honcho knows…

Frequently Given Answers, Jan. 28, 2010

What’s that? You’re longing for Ed Honcho’s expert opinion? Then step inside.

The 1st Annual Ed Honcho Post-Season NFL Awards Spectacular

The 1st Annual Ed Honcho Post-Season NFL Awards Spectacular, live, from here!

Mach Draft 1.0

The NFL Draft… Playoffs for the losers! Ed Honcho loves it!